God's Love Song
by Jeanne E Webster

copyright 2010 Jeanne E. Webster

"Its perfect; thats the one!
Shouted the most High Priest.
The spotless lamb chosen
Was flawless for the feast.

Bleats and bells mixed with dust
The throng waited in awe;
Veiled, the ransom must
Fill the atonement law.

The Priest sprinkled the blood
On the altar of God.
Forgiveness loomed in bud,
Dispersing sins abroad.

The Sons blood being shed
Heart and soul forsaken.
A life seized in my stead...
Oh, my soul did waken!

Gods love song fills the air:
For you a Savior's born;
A Sacrifice so rare
On the altar adorns--"



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Copyright Jeanne E. Webster

A published freelance writer,  editor/publisher of monthly newsletter for years.   [email protected]

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