I'm Crazy About My Baby
by PamFord Davis

It is common knowledge that a mother can voice complaints about her child's behavior, but quickly gets defensive when anyone else does. She will dig in her heels and protect her young. A mother continues to feel her responsibility to care for those she bore long after they have left the nest.

King Solomon received special wisdom in response to his unselfish prayer request. Along with his supernatural wisdom, he drew from personal experience. How would his mother Bathsheba react if another woman made accusations of a baby switch at the time of birth? Two women brought such a case before him and demanded justice. (1Kings 3:16-28)

As Judge, David delivered his official decision. "The king continued, 'Bring me a sword.' So they brought the sword to the king. Solomon said 'Cut the living boy in two and give half to one and half to the other (I Kings 3:24-25 HCS)." He wisely knew the true mother would give up her son before seeing his life taken. (Verse 26) She received full custody of her baby and Solomon's wisdom drew the admiration of the nation Israel. (Verses 27-28)

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