Free from worry
by sana edoja

Come into our lives, Lord
Come and saves us
From all our worries,
Our daily problems.
Makes us strong and
Mighty, through the power
of your word.

Breathe into our failing health,
Our disobedient hearts,
Our disobedient children,
Our failed marriages,
Our financial problems and
all the situations that seem
impossible to be solved.

Come, Lord, quickly
And deal with our lives,
Give us your knowledge, wisdom
and understanding.
So, we can fly higher and higher
On wings like eagle, and leave behind
our mountains of worry

Come, Lord
Show us the way.
If we ever go to the left or to the right
We want to hear a voice behind us saying:
"This is the way, walk in it".
Thank you Lord for loving us beyond our sinful ways
And helping us to sort out our lives
In order to be set free from worry.
In Jesus name, I pray,

Sana Edoja

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