Love Lives Amongst the Minutes
by Laura Swindon-Ross

Love Lives Amongst the Minutes.

A few months before my grandmother died, I sat by her bedside and had a very meaningful, if not, life-changing conversation with her.
My grandmother, whose name was Emily, took my young and steady hand in hers and said:
"Laura I want to tell you something. I want to tell you about Life. I want to tell you not to live your life as if you have an endless bounty of tomorrows, because you haven't. If there's one thing I've learned about life, it's that you should live it in the now. Live now; do now; love now. Not tomorrow - because my dear, you know? You may not have tomorrow, no one of us can see that far ahead."
My grandmother smiled and nodded her wise and gracious head.
"Be firm," she said, "Tell yourself and promise God, you say to God "Lord I'm going to live in the NOW."
Well, three months later, my beloved grandmother passed away. She went back to the arms of the Lord; she went back home. So many of us gathered and prayed that day, we were so thankful to have known this wise and beautiful spirit. And there, standing in the shy warmth of a late autumn morning, the words she said came back to me with meaning.
Live now; do now; love now.
I went off into my world, determined to honor the memory of my grandmother's words; determined to become a changed woman.
When people talked, I really listened; I gave them every moment of my attention. I tried to fill each day with the beneficence of love.
I praised God for the great gift of my family, for three strong and healthy sons; for a wonderful and loving husband.
No longer did I see each day as a minefield of ticking clocks, to be got through at super-human speed. I slowed down and took time to marvel at the beauty of those around me and to treat each moment as if it were the most precious moment I would ever live, and incredibly, I became richer for the experience. Time itself seemed to slow down. I became happier, and so much more at peace. I began to see the face of God in every little aspect of my days; and that face was infinitely beautiful, and y'know what? I forgot all about those ticking clocks and yet I didn't miss a minute! But now, every day was filled with love.
My grandmother was right. God didn't make this world to be lived in a tumbled rush of speeding minutes. God wants us to be present in the NOW.
Live now; do now; love NOW.
Try it; I guarantee you won't look back!
Love lives amongst the minutes; God would have us live amongst this love, in the fullness of His time, and richly.

2010 Laura Swindon-Ross

This work is copyright, all rights reserved.
I'm a teacher and Christian writer.

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