My testimony - the true power of Jesus Christ
by Shemmie Y

A brief background: I am the youngest in the family, and my parents were actually expecting a boy, but to their disappointment I ended up to be a girl, so during my childhood, they didn't affirm me as a girl,there's no 'daughter' such thing in my ears as I grew up, and they somehow dressed me up like a boy, I got a boy's undies on and wore tie and shirt, that was so funny as I think of it now, so I was moulding to look like a boy and when I was in primary school, many girls liked my voice, that time I was singing like a boy, not that high pitch singing, and most boys in school disliked and teased me at almost all times. So I told myself, why not continue to deceive myself acting like a boy, because only through this way will I feel accepted and loved. Then as I got deceived to pretend like a boy, I started to look out for girls, during that period, I was fancying one girl, I tried so hard to pretend, hide up my real identity as a girl, but one day she came to my house, because I had been bugging her a lot that she finally came and talked to my parents, only that time does she realize I was actually a girl not a boy at all, she was totally in shock, and since then my parents realized that problem but they didn't address it the problem continues....

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Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken. Thank You.

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