Why do we boast in our weakness
by Shemmie Y

When times are rough for us, what would we immediately think of? Would we think of 'justice' and say, "God, why would you allow this thing to happen on me?" Yes, we seek for our own justice and ask God the WHY QUESTIONS.

We all done that one way or another, millions of time a week or more than that...

When times are rough for us, not what we expect them to be....the WHY questions will pop up immediately...

Why does God allow us to be mocked, to be teased about, when everything seems like out of control and God wasn't there for us?

I have had many tests and trials in my life, the latest one is that, me and my boyfriend broke up, when we both were so close to get engaged. YES, what a big shock? What's going on at all?

I did pray for the relationship, since the start of it, I have never stopped praying, asking God for confirmation. I did it ever so carefully!

Well, yes, I tried to question God the "why" questions and yet, God did not answer me or reveal things to us.

During the tough time, I learned to solely yield to His strength in me, solely yearn for His strength in me. I experienced His strength ever so strong, ever so present in me. I could not express how I feel, I know His strength within me are helping me to go through all of it.

Am I weak? Yes perhaps I'd never thought I would be that weak, I thought I was strong enough for anything!! But yes, I admitted loud and clear, I need God's strength in me.

Yes the reason remain unknown to me. God knows everything and He knows what He is doing and where He is leading me!

Have you been in that place? Where you found yourself so weak that you were amazed by it?
Why, for what purpose that God allowed us to feel that way? In the Bible, Apostle Paul was glad he was weak that within him - the strength of God can be magnified in his life.

Yes we love questioning, and reasoning all over until we know the answer...

Perhaps God wants to humble us, that we might call Him "Lord, Lord, you are the Lord of my everything - our circumstances!" Or we might cry out to God and saying, "Oh Lord, you are the Almighty God, You are Able to do whatever you want to do, I am only your Servants and let Your will be done, oh God."

Maybe the circumstance we are in right now, push us to yearn for more of God, yearn for His strength and power, not ours!

That His strength will be made perfect in our weaknesses, as His strength will be shown to all who do not know Him, that others might realize you are indeed the children of God, for God's Spirit is indeed living on the inside of you.

Praise God for our weaknesses, because it will be His show time for all to see.

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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