What do you see Homosexuality
by Shemmie Y

While we live on this earth, there are so many complicated things happening, and we wonder why, what for reasons, and we found ourselves as Christians, very hard to comprehend things, we meant to have the answer for the world, we don't seem to get it, we don't seem to know it.

All through the Bible, as we all well know....'Homosexuality' is a forbidden act, it's immoral when same-sex hugs and kisses or perform sexual act.

Yes, that's very plain in the Bible.

It's one of the many forbidden acts in the Bible, just one of the categories for our warnings.

And we all know how Jesus sees the woman at the well, whom she had sexual-relationship with several men, can we take note of how Jesus responded to her? Selah....

What did Jesus do to her? Let's compare to our reaction today, when we know of someone's best secret - their secret sin. What is our first reaction to them? What are we thinking about in our own heart? Pause.....Selah......is there any difference between our reaction compared to Jesus...??

Okay so what would Jesus do, if that woman was a lesbian, a homosexual. Would Jesus react the same, respond the same, or would Jesus act differently?? Pause and Think.....

Seriously, would Jesus talk to her...would Jesus response to her kindly?

The way we see others, The way we respond, do you think that God cares less of it?

The Bible has mentioned that Jesus talked to that sexually-broken woman at the well.

I would call her a sexually-broken person.
Many of us, we came from broken family, we weren't have a perfect father that fully represent the likeness of Christ Jesus, and we weren't have a perfect mother that makes us feel valued, loved at all times....We grew up hurting, grew up having low self-esteem, most of us were like that.....and me included....

We longed for recognition, position, love and value and worth ....and after we know about the love of Christ, we started to learn to think differently, in one way or the other, we are still influenced by the world....how they see things....how they react to things....

It's time to ask ourselves, to right way, the Godly way of reacting to this particular situation!!!

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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