'Love' will free you from sexually-confusion
by S Mariah

Far too many of our brothers and sisters are still in brokenness, and if we all be honest with our own self, we know it's true. We are broken in far too many ways and even when we accepted Christ as our Savior, many of our problems seem to be still there, and we are surprised to see that, some of the things mentioned in the Bible, does not seem to be applicable in our lives. Have you ever wonder like that?

Many of us were in brokenness since our childhood, when we bring up the memories and we tend to avoid them, as it causes us uneasiness and we will fall into frustration or depression again. About sexually brokenness - how many of us can dare to share with others, how many of us can feel accepted when you share with other brothers and sisters. As a result, you might feel rejected, and you buried your deep feelings down in your belly, and you buried them down and kept it safe within yourself.

As time goes by, the struggles, the problems are still there with you. As long as you buried them there, they will not be disappeared no matter how many years....

The way out is to share them out, bring them out into the surface, don't bury them down anymore...cry out, release them to God. The God whom we trust and believe and He is always there for us, His love have us all covered!

The sexually-broken, those that were sexually-abused, emotionally-abused or having an absent father and controlling mother, those are just part of the causes for homosexuality behavior. And yes, homosexuality is a behavior, and those who had fallen into this 'lie', will behave differently than the rest, for example if you are a female, you might find yourself hating your identity as a female, you imagined yourself as a male, modeled yourself after a male, you are rejecting your 'female' role...

There are many stories about homosexuality, for those who have come out of it, and set free by the love of Christ, they no longer believe in the 'lies' that Satan was trying to speak unto them.

The 'lies' like - you are not pretty, you are just like a tomboy, nobody would want you or like you. You'd better be a guy, not a girl. Look at you.....

As a Christian, perhaps we need to believe the power of God, the love of Christ can set this behavior free. We need to confirm our belief that the Bible contains all truths. There is no other truths. Sometimes, I have heard many other Christians just followed what others say, they even believe that homosexuality is not a behavior, but God created them in a different way. It saddens me so much that even Christians can believe in the myths that contradicting in what we Christians should believe in....

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S. Mariah - passionate about the sexually-broken. 
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