A 'discerning, an alerted' heart
by Shemmie Y

How to be more discerning about the Will of God? We probably have all asked the same question over time. What is the Will of God - it is to believe what the Bible says about Jesus, He is the Son of God that God sent Him to redeem us from death, from darkness. The Will of God is to believe this truth.

It sounds pretty simple and basic, but I reckon many of us still cannot fathom the meaning of it. Our belief in God, is shown only by our action and behavior and if we observe closely about our daily reaction, we might find ourselves believing in vain, and not really sure what we believe in...

'Discernment' is not for the super spiritual, but for ALL who has a heart to discern what God wants, what God will is. FOR ALL who are sincere, serious about the Word of God.

We can ask God at any time when we need discernment, wisdom and He will be generously enough to give us. We are not asking the richness of this world, but we ask for His infinite wisdom and discernment that we can discern, and know God better. He will surely grant this to us.

We need to dig deep into the Word of God daily, if we want to experience His touch, His holy spirit living in us would prompt us during our reading time, for things that we do not understand, if we only listen carefully to that little voice, that inner voice in us, crying out to us, revealing things to us. If we only listen, He is speaking inside us. Dig deep to the Word of God is crucial for discerning His will, and His voice.

During our prayer time, we can pray for God to reveal things to us, pray for sensitivity towards His voice, and that when He speaks, we are able to hear Him. Read His Words carefully and many times I found that, His voice will whisper to me, prompting me to pray for several people while I was reading His words. That's no doubt is His holy spirit doing its work, letting me to have His knowledge of something.

May we practice it daily, to have an alerted mind and heart to discern what concerns God, that we might be His prayer warrior to lift peoples up in prayer. Amen.

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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