Why do we pray or Should we
by Shemmie Y

Prayer is just a simple term, we all understand what prayer is like, we all know it is part of our job as a Christian to pray, pray for ourselves and others. Yet, prayer is not as simple as it seems to be. Prayer is a 'deep' thing if you would like to call it that way!

We have heard 'prayer' is powerful, how?
Sometimes we are in hurry, we prayed for one minute, or read a book called "prayer for the busy women/men." We read that on the train or bus, and yes we are just busy for praying anything.

Do we really see 'prayer' as we should be?

Jesus prayed so hard and passionate to God, before He get crucified on the Cross, He prayed so hard that His sweat like drops of blood falling along his cheek, it was soaking red and clearly we could see His heart was breaking, His heart was hurting, His heart was longing for a miracle from God, if God could take away that 'death' penalty from Him. Jesus prayed so hard, so desperately to His heavenly Father for a release of trouble.

In the end, Jesus finally gave up His own will and said to His heavenly Father, "May your will be done in me." And when He was expecting His disciples to come and pray with Him before Judas's betrayal. His beloved friends fell asleep, they couldn't even wait and be with Jesus, they were too tired to pray.....and what was the result, that was God sending angels to 'strengthen' Jesus, ministering to Jesus at that particular moment when He most needed it.

Jesus at that point was as fragile as us - human beings. The angels came and ministered to Him and He received His strength to carry on....

Through the example of Jesus, we see that 'prayer' draws us nearer to God, helps us rely on God more than our own strength.'Prayer' helps us to be submissive to God's will as well. As we did not know better what to pray and how to pray, the Holy Spirit prompting us what to pray for and how to pray. As we tune in to God's spirit, allowing His spirit freely flow through us in prayer, we will pray according to His will.

'Prayer' is really powerful, it moves the heart of God, as we pray according to His will. Remember Jesus is interceding for us up in Heaven without end and if Jesus is doing that for us beloved, shall we also joined hands with Jesus up in Heaven, to pray for the world?? We are on Earth and Jesus is up in Heaven, we need to do the praying, as a channel for God to move in our world today!

Finally, a challenge for you to meditate on....

Are you desperate enough to pray?

Are you desperate to see God's heart being fulfilled here on Earth for the lost - the broken-hearted receive healing from God;the homosexuals find truth and turn from sin at last;our Government get to know God, and follow His standards and rule our nation with justice and truth;youth will receive Christ and so our next generations will be blessed and protected....

Are you desperate enough for your nation...for your friends and families...how often do you cry out to God for them? How often?

We need to be desperate enough on 'prayer', when you are desperate enough to lock on the Heaven's door for the lost, our Heavenly Father who is compassionate will definitely do something for what you pray for, my brothers and sisters!!

If only we will be desperate enough to pray for the Lost!! May we take up the challenge today, take heart and make our 'prayer' more effective and see many lives changed. Amen.

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