by Paul Curtis

Can you imagine what it would be like?
To live on a housing estate
And be permanently ill at ease
Feeling your neighbours hate

Not just occasional hatred
But every day for sixty years
Each successive act of hate
Designed to optimise your fears

Can you imagine what it would be like?
To fear not just for your own life
But to be fearful for the safety
Of your children and your wife

Having to be always vigilant
Trying to anticipate their acts of spite
Surrounded by a sea of bile
For six decades without respite

Can you imagine what it would be like?
To know all your neighbours want your death
Want to eradicate you from existence
To squeeze from you your dying breath

If you can imagine this kind of life
And feel that bitter hatred daily
Then you should perhaps understand
How it feels to be an Israeli

I am a fifty something family man with a passion for writing and I draw inspiration from those around me.
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