In Christ, that's your Identity
by S Mariah

Are you living a life that pleases God Himself, or are you living not for yourself and God but living a life that trying to find yourself in pleasing others?
Are you sure of your identity, for who you really are?In our Society, craving about fame, prestige, position and money, and we could find ourselves struggling with 'identity' problem - we can be lost in the Society, forgetting who we are and what we believe.

In our Society comes many temptations - different cravings, and especially men-pleasers are everywhere in the business world, peoples trying to climb up the ladder for success and many peoples lost their identities, don't know who they are, they just do whatever pleases others for an evil motives in heart, they do that out of personal gain, not in the same way for what the Bible suggested us to do-to please others and not ourselves, live a sacrificial life for others.

Even as we Christians, in this world we can lose sight of our purposes and God's kingdom mindset. Many christians just go with the flow for what non-believers are doing, getting drunk with beers and alcohols, getting frustrated with work situation, living a life of hopelessness in front of others, blaming for something every week, not appreciating what they already have and they found it hard to maintain a good and thankful attitude to God.

Our identity is IN CHRIST, not in our commodity, not in our expensive clothing, expensive jewellery, not in our nice houses, not in our investment, not in our job title, not in our denominations, not in our lover/partner.

Our value is in the Lord Jesus Christ! We have values, we have worth.....ALL IN CHRIST JESUS.

Do you live a life trying to please others?Are you doing it out of your personal gain? You want to get something from others?Or are you pleasing others because you want them to know Christ, experience His great love too?Do you know who you are?Do you remember your first love, when you first believed in Jesus, is he still number ONE in your heart and mind, are you living a life to please Jesus only?

In HIM you are valuable and you are worthy!You do not need to look for your worth and value, in HIM you are securely loved and valued. Look no further, JESUS CHRIST is all you need for this life. EMBRACE HIM now.

S. Mariah - passionate about the sexually-broken. 
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