The Luxury Of Ignorance.
by Shannon Heiden

~Anything may be betrayed, anyone may be forgiven, but not those who lack the courage of their own greatness.~ Ayn Rand

Beautiful One,do you have the luxury of being ignorant?

Recently, my son and I watched the movie Social Network. It's about Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Face Book. The movie focuses on and questions the integrity of its founder as to whether he stole the idea of Face Book, from his unassuming peers at Harvard, the Winklvoss twins.

Let's just assume for this articles sake, this is a fictional movie. I desire to use it as a point of reference. In the movie, it clearly plays out, that Mark, was approached by the Winklevoss brothers about an idea for a social networking site they had. The Winklevoss brothers needed a skilled person to step in and coordinate all their plans. Mark agreed verbally to come aboard. As the weeks passed, Mark put the brothers at bay, pretending to be helping them develop their network, all the while, he was using their idea, as a foundation and he deceptively built his own and published it.

When the brothers found out after seeing it on the internet, they went to the Head of Harvard and were told quite plainly, they are rich, get over it, invent something new. Meanwhile Mr. Zuckerberg, became a famous entrepreneur and has prospered greatly with what we now call Face book, to the chagrin of the Winklevoss brothers.

After the movie, my son and I discussed the events. I felt really badly for the Winklevoss twins. To have an inspiring idea, work hard on it, share it with a trusted person and have them steal it from you, while pretending to be your ally, coupled with no one caring that that had happened, that was something I felt very strongly about. My 17 year old son saw it differently, it really didn't bother him that the idea was stolen, he felt the brothers needed to move on, and there was nothing to be done about it.

I told my son gently, only someone who is ignorant of the pain of being betrayed has the luxury of saying that. Unless a person knows what it feels like to be betrayed, unless one knows how painful that is, they remain ignorant to it's affects.

There are so many people who cannot understand why people hold on to things. Sometimes the wounding is so great, people just don't know how to move on. The pain, lies, and deception all bind a person up and they become immobilized in the event. If you have ever been betrayed, then you know the proclivity one feels towards seeking revenge.You know how tempting it is to never want to trust again either. It may not be the right thing to do, but it is true.

Beautiful One, betrayal, is an insidious event. What makes it even more bitter, is that most betrayals are not justified, therefore leaving the wounded in an even more vulnerable position.

Being betrayed by a trusted person, hurts, alot! I am of the opinion, that this is one of the foremost weapons of evil. Betrayal is as old and as effective as the Garden of Eden. Betrayal, is a formidable enemy, one that usually takes it's opponent captive by blindsiding them and befriending them first.

In order to betray someone, you must first be connected to them, or its not betrayal.

Betrayal has caused mankind many sorrows. Wars have been forged, both won and lost in the name of betrayal. People have died in the process of being betrayed. Marriages ripped to shreds, relationships have withered and died at betrayals hands. The ultimate betrayal of blinding a world that was created to fellowship with it's loving Creator is the root cause for the evil we see everyday.

But unlike this movie, we are not left voiceless and defenseless like the Winklevoss brothers. No, we are not just left to be victims of this nasty predator. We have a God who promises each one who believes, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. No weapon of betrayal is going to go head to head with our God and win. (Isaiah 54:17 NIV)

Just ain't gonna happen.

If you are familiar with the Bible and its cast members, you can see that God used betrayal and wickedness just as much as He used the goodness of people. God uses our enemies and their acts against us, maybe more so to bring about the plans He has for us.

Beautiful One, remember in times of betrayal, our God was betrayed by all, including you and I. He knows the pain well, and because He does, He will see to it, that betrayal does not have the last say in our lives. He definitely doesn't treat us as our sins deserve.( Psalms 103:10NIV)

I pray my son in all his youthful innocence, and naivety, doesn't ever come into the knowledge of what it feels like to be betrayed. But then again, to be ignorant of betrayal would only mean he would remain indifferent to it, and not develop a compassion, and a wisdom of his own frailties and shortcomings himself. How will he learn compassion, or the goodness to not betray another? That seems to me, to be a luxury he simply cannot afford.

Betrayal, it happens to us all, and as it happens try to be mindful, that betrayal is an opportunity for greatness to arise in each of us. For to not overcome, allowing betrayal to inject distrust, and bitterness, causing us to shrink back from all we are called to be and do.

To deny our own greatness, by lacking the courage to overcome, that is the biggest betrayal, for it means we have become the thing we hated and have betrayed our own self..

Beautiful One, just believe.

Shannon Heiden

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