Wrong Choices
by Shemmie Y

Choices are up to you and me...
Choices are human oriented...
Pre-destination is different, it's not human oriented and men has no say at all strictly speaking and God has everything to do with pre-destination. I have heard many saying that they chose to believe in God, but the truth is God chose us, not we chose Him. It's just plainly non-biblical to boast of one self, that you chose to believe in God. This boasting should be banned and repented.

Choices are human oriented, that's why we bear the consequences of wrong choices in our lives and leave no one to blame but ourselves. Can anyone blame on God, No!

Wrong choices bring us 'consequences' like frustration, hopelessness, guilty feelings and those conditions can drag our spirits down to the pit, and we might never get up again if we deal with it in an improper manner - we fall into alcoholism, trying to avoid the consequences, blaming ourselves to death....

I have done the blaming enough, condemning myself to death and it's just the most devastating thing you can do to yourself.

Though we might have made the wrong choices, there's hope for us, our hope is in the name of Jesus, do you know we live UNDER the grace of God. If we live above it, we would live in darkness, we would live in uncertainty, we would live in frustration and condemnation.

Only by living UNDER the grace of God shall we experience His forgiveness, His acceptance and His love for us. And we need to learn to receive His mercy and love, we might find ourselves so hard to receive His love, but we should learn to live UNDER His grace....His grace and mercy have saved us from condemnation and guilty conscience. So let us hold onto His precious Grace and Mercy and give thanks to Him for His unconditional love. Amen.

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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