Obey God
by Shemmie Y

In our walk with God, most of the time the road is rough and tough, not that smooth as we first believed...when we first gave our lives to Christ, we thought, we would have a better life, a smoother journey and we won't get complicated in life. Then we realized,oh what's the difference and when we hit by the rough and tough things in reality, we can get lost in our own thinking, and thought, what was wrong with God, why can't He intervene for our situations, and is there any better to follow Him at all.....

Have you ever doubted about that in your heart? You might not yell, or let your voice be heard by others but.....God would know it.

I did that....how about you?

But one good thing of course...when tough times hit home, we can lift up our voices and pray, plead with God and ask God for help. We have a helper available for us 24/7 and we just need to call out to Him for help.

Sometimes God requires us to just obey Him no matter what comes our ways, as a heart's test, testing our hearts condition with God, to see if we can be obedience enough no matter what comes our ways, like the Israelites in the Old Testament, God made them to walk extra miles, it took them longer time to get to where they wanted to go, and through that long and hard journey, God tested their hearts to see if they would still remain quiet in their hearts (being submissive), if they would still remain faithful to God and not turning their back on Him.

How would you react when things don't go your way?? I turned my back on God far too many times....and there were times I ran away to do my own thing, sought after my own pleasures....then when my conscience is back and finally I realized I have sinned and then I regretfully turned back to God again for help and forgiveness. I believe we have all done it at times....

God can understand that....as we are just fully human, and we are with our flesh and blood, and being faithful and submissive is not something easy to do, it might well be so easy to proclaim, so easy to boast about, but when it comes to the 'doing' - it is hard!

One thing we can learn from our past mistakes or past rebellion, is that we could pray that God would strengthen us to obey Him more and more, to have a 'willing' spirit in us to obey Him no matter what comes our way. If God answered our prayers as we wanted Him to, that will be so sweet to hear, but if not...then we need to know how to react....not to demand our ways before God but pray, 'let His will be done in us'.

May we pray daily, that we will be able to surrender our ways, our wills to His. Amen.

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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