'love' unselfishly
by Shemmie Y

Have you ever loved someone so deeply, and have you ever heard someone saying, "when you truly love someone, you wish the best for that person, you are not possessive of having him or her, you will release him/her instead....."

Well, 'love' is not selfish, 'love' does not demand its own way.....we read it in the Bible...in truth 'love' describes JESUS, His sacrificial love for all of us - mankind. His love is unselfish, He loves us to be reunited with God and He obeyed God for this plan of His, Jesus walked in the obedience of His fathers will.

When we love someone, we tend to wanting to own that person, seeing that person every now and then, we feel so sweet to be with that person, we just don't want to be apart....when you and that person were apart, you felt like you were falling into a deep pit, never get back up again, you fell into a deep sleep like you were already dead, without emotions, without breath...your emotions sank, you couldn't utter a word for your situation, it was just too breath-taking for you....

Have you been to those places??

Perhaps the higher level of loving someone is that, when you are willing to sacrifice that someone for his/her good. You do not demand what you want from that person, you release him/her for his or her good, and you find joy in doing so.....perhaps that's the higher level of loving a person...though even then we might have achieved this, we are still far away from the standard of Jesus' love to us.

The love of Jesus is far greater, and higher than our human love.....The level of His obedience to His father is really unbeatable....

So I would say..His love is 'love unselfishly'. Let us be thankful of His love for each one of us today. Let us learn more from Him day by day. Amen.

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken.http://hope4change.weebly.com Thank You.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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