Receive His grace anew every day
by S Mariah

How are you today? Do you feel so burdened on the inside of you because you have some hidden secrets, only between you and God know and from time to time, you still find it hard to forgive and accept yourself?

I've got a good news for you, that you are forgiven, and His grace and mercy are new every morning, what you need to do, is to go to His throne, not the phone, not your friends, or not trying to compensate your sinfulness by good works and trying to make yourself then feel better.

No No No.

His grace is free and available for you today.
His grace is free, that means you do not buy it.
There's no purchase is needed, and all you need is to go to Him with an honest heart, confess your sins and ask Him to come and help you for repentance. Sometimes we thought we have strength enough to do the repentance and when we failed doing it, we condemned ourselves to death. But Jesus intends us to go over to Him, just ask Him to come and help. Very simple approach indeed.

Can you do that simple thing, go over to Him and ask for His help?

His strength is really better than your strength.
Ask Him come and help you in your strength, your problems, your bad habits....and He will.

His grace is new every morning for all of us who trust in Him.

S. Mariah - passionate about the sexually-broken. 
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