by sana edoja

I just want to thank everybody that has participated in the launch of my book. It has been an exciting and hectic adventure at the same time. It is also amazing what people can accomplish together as a whole unit even though we are living in different parts of the world.
For those that are interested in numbers, I don't seem to have sold a lot of books at the moment but I do not have all the numbers for definite, I will know roughly within a week time how many books I've sold so far.

I wanted to share with you how I put everything together. I mainly followed the steps guide of Lorilyn Roberts.

Basically, I contacted each person individually by email which I got from the John marketing network on yahoo. I asked each person if they would be willing to support my book by advertising it on their blog and website.

I also asked if they could help promote the launch on their Facebook and twitter page, 14 people agreed to support me so I put together an article describing my book and my biography, which had to be posted by each supporter on their blog or website.

Then, I asked each person if they had any books they would like to promote during the launch and they would be willing to offer as a freebie their e-book or the first chapters of their book.
Being new to this, I made quite a few mistakes along the way which I had to correct very quickly.
Firstly, I sent the article to my supporters when I realised that I hadn't added the list of my freebies in the article. I had to correct that quite quickly.

Secondly, I created the freebies page on the same blog where my twitter page was, which would have been a huge mistake if I hadn't removed it on time and posted it on another page of another blog of mine. People would have been able to see the freebies before buying my book.

As I made a last minute change on my blog just after the launch started when I realised the page I sent you to be tweeted had been deleted.

I just thank God that I had sent a copy to one of my supporters for advice so I managed to retrieve it in my sent emails. My advice will be always to have a backup copy of your blog page somewhere in case something goes wrong.

Being new to this, I had a few pointers from quite a few supporters which I am very grateful for. Not being a computer expert, I wasn't able to add a shopping cart to my Wordpress blog so I was advised to add as many links on my book launch page so people could find it easily where to buy my book.

Then, I was advised to test the link of my launch page before the launch starts and add a "blurb" to describe briefly what my book was about, which would be tweeted or put on my Facebook page with the link of my book launch page. I also set up an automatic reply on my email account with the link to my freebies page once people emailed me with their order number.

To conclude, I told myself that I had to take the opportunity of doing this book launch to challenge myself and show the example to many others. The hard part is not to write a book but to sell it; it is very difficult when you are self-publishing and do not have the money for professional marketing, the downside is that you have to do the marketing all by yourself.

Thanks to Lorilyn Roberts who has created the John marketing 3:16 network, this has been possible.
Through this launch, I believed that I've done everything on my part to sell this book which quite a few people have helped me to push further from the editing, publishing and co-writing. I told myself that the word of God deserved to be made known to the world via this launch because the word of God deserved to be made known as it can help somebody out there to have their life on tracks with the will of God. Even if I managed to sell only one copy, it is an opportunity for a person to know God better.

"One seed planted in somebody heart can produce a hundredfold ".

I want to encourage each one of you to go through this experience of doing a book launch and I want to thank again all those that have contributed to my launch as it wouldn't have been made possible without your help.

I have a vision of a network that publishers would join the John marketing 3:16 to offer their help and advice from writing, to publishing and marketing because we can only learn from those who do this job every day.

God bless.

Sana Edoja

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