James 4:8 'Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.'
by Marie Grossett

How close do you want to be to God? Do you want to have a partial relationship or a full relationship with no strings attached?

Originally humans were made to have a relationship with God. However due to the fall of man there was a separation between us and God. Now we are born again and accepted Jesus as our saviour we can now have a relationship with him. But are we really having the relationship that we ought to have?

In the world we are living in today life has taken its toll on us. The economic climate has put a damper on our financial situation. Things are increasing and not enough money coming in to support the family. This can cause us to focus more on making money, working all the long hours under the sun and forgetting about our spiritual life.

Everyone wants to have a better life materialistically. Well I know I do, I don't want to be working just to pay off the bills. I want to have a good quality life I'm being honest here. But in wanting that I have to be careful not to hinder my relationship with God.

Trying to make more money in your own strength can only cause you to be anxious, stressed, and lose sleep; I know this because I've been there. We must remember that we need God everyday in our lives and it's more important to build up your spiritual life and have a relationship with God. What am I trying to say here? That we must reprioritise.

We must remember why we were put here on earth and that is to do God's holy work. I'm not saying that you shouldn't want better, but you shouldn't forget about your true purpose of being here on this earth. The more of a closer relationship you have with God the less worried you are about the worldly things and you will have peace of mind.

God wants us to rest in him, surrender our lives to him. We must learn to say no to depending on ourselves and yes to depending on God. I believe now than ever before is the time we should draw near to God, our true abundant life is in him.

Let's be grateful for the things we do have. I can name some which are:-

I'm not homeless there are people out there sleeping rough, at least God has blessed me with a roof over mine and my family's head.

I have food to eat; there are people in third world countries starving begging for food. At least we have a choice of food.

I have running water to have a shower.

I have a family who loves me I have never been abandoned.

These are just a few things that I'm grateful for, there are more but it would be too many to put in this article.

Let's not take it for granted what we have got and let's give thanks everyday to our creator. Yes things might not be perfect but think of the people out there who are less fortunate than you and wished they had what you had. We must remember that the joy of the Lord is our strength and what should matter the most in our lives is having a closer relationship with him.

May the peace of the Lord be with you this day and thank you for reading this article.

Marie Grossett aka Vanessa Grossett is a published Author, and has interviewed best selling and award winning Christian Authors.

She is a Literary Agent at The Authors Care Services ltd. www.theauthorscare.co.uk [email protected]

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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