Casting God
by Sydney Avey

In A Praying Life, author Paul E. Miller suggests that we consider carefully who we think we are talking to when we pray. I often cast God in benign roles that focus on what He can do for me. Example: God is my boss, and if I serve him well he will give me good things.
When praying about my writing life, I consider the seeds I am sowing on the path that meanders before me. Laying the seed before God, I entertained thoughts that if I just keep trying different things a new market, a different writer's group, a daily blog, a writer's conference, one day God might say "Ch ching! You have chosen Door Number Two! You win!" Then I realize that I have just cast God as a game show host.
God is not a boss to please or a game to win. Daily I must remind myself of who I'm talking to -- the great I Am -- holy, righteous, lover, judge, creator, sustainer. That casts a different light on my role in this relationship.
Holy God, I offer up these characters I have created and ask that You, the creator and sustainer of life, find worlds for them to live in. May they give you pleasure. May they amuse and inspire readers. Amen.

Sydney Avey writes and blogs in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. She is the author of The Sheep Walker's Daughter.

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