Queensland Floods
by Helen Murray

I wrote a poem about the Queensland floods, trying to see it from God's point of view. Scripture talks about disasters in the last days. This certainly looks like what He meant! I was inspired by reading Haggai. The Lord was telling him that the people were living comfortably in their panelled houses, but had not built Him a temple, and should do so with great haste. I thought of how Australia was built on scriptural principles to a major degree, but has gone far from them of late. It has got very comfortable with itself, but has neglected to become a nation of faith and prayer. Anyhow I wrote it and here it is for what it's worth.

Queensland floods

Great South Land of the Holy Spirit,
Alias Australia,
You are Mine.

I created you.
You are magnificent.
I made you that way.

Remember to build my house.
My house is a house of prayer.
Where are your prayers?

My house has been pulled down.
Rebuild my house.
Eternity speaks!

Hear the voice of Eternity.
Know that everything is Mine.
I can take your structures from you.

I will take your structures from you
To show you I am Lord,
And win your heart.

What I can take away
I can return tenfold
When trust mounts high on the wings of suffering.

You are wonderfully made.
You have been dragged through mud.
You trust too much in you.

Build me a house of prayer
That's founded in my Word,
And see what I will do with you.

If you will not do this,
Then you must not blame Me
For I will let you go your way.

Grandmother, teacher, bushlover, horse-lover, gardener, poet ("Poetry with Punch" published by Tate Publishers and available in electronic form on Amazon) and passionate person, especially about Jesus.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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