The New Corporation
by Henry Miranda

A corporation was started and personnel were sought out from every corner of the world. The corporation was to be for the benefit of all. Everything needed including all benefits needed for abundant living was provided. The benefit that the CEO/Pres. would get would be Fellowship with his people in this corporation.
The vice president chosen was provided with many benefits including living expenses, transportation, and an expense account. Anybody with this opportunity should have been well contented, but that wasn't enough for this vice president. He wanted to be the big boss the CEO/ president himself.
He knew that he could not do this on his own, so he decided to recruit the ones that he could sway to his way of thinking. It should have been difficult for him to turn people away from the CEO/president because of all the benefits that He provided. Everybody working there had everything they needed for an abundant life.
The vice president was able to get a third of the personnel to follow him, but that wasn't enough to take over the CEO/presidency position. So he decided to form his own corporation by imitating the original corporation. He would fool his personnel into believing they had security with him, but it was just a front.
Whenever a new recruit would go to the good corporation for a personal interview he would wait until they came out and tried talking to them about going to his corporate. He would paint a great illusion of what could be expected at his corporation. The prideful, rebellious, and self-centered gladly went to his corporation.
God created the heavens and the earth, and he created man in his own image. God wanted Fellowship with his creation. The devil was once one of God's greatest Angels until he rebelled, because he wanted to be like God. The devil convinces the first created beings Adam and Eve to believe him and turn away from God. Sin came into the world by the deception of Satan.
Whenever a person turns his life to Christ, the devil comes around trying to deceive him into going back into his old lifestyle. The devil would like nothing better than to destroy you before you have a relationship with God.
In the above scenario, the new corporation is heaven and the Imitation Corporation is hell. The new recruits are the believers when they hear the word; it is how they receive it in their hearts whether they choose to stay in heaven or hell. The devil comes to steal the word from your heart. The word must be well planted with many roots in order to withstand the deception of Satan.
Remember Satan's plans are never original, the only game plan that he has is to imitate God. He does all the opposite of what God calls good.

I live in San Bernardino, California, in 1984 became a Christian.  Completed four years of Bible College and earned a Bachelor's of Christian ministry @ Christian Leadership University.

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