Such a Forgiving God
by Nellie Shani

Such a forgiving God
Even when we don't treat Him as Lord
He remembers how we are formed
From dust all of us did He mold

Such a forgiving God
When we sin because we are bored
We often act in foolishness
Draws us back with loving kindness

Such a forgiving God
When sin has entangled us in its cord
We often look for someone to blame
It was for this reason Jesus came

Such a forgiving God
To pay for our sins could not afford
All our sins on Jesus He laid
Just as the prophets had said

Such a forgiving God
On the back of Jesus fell His rod
For the sins of man He suffered
His blood our transgressions covered

Such a forgiving God . . .

Nellie  Odhuno Shani is a Counselor, Conference speaker and writer. Her first books are available on, Barnes and Nobles and on her author's websites.

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