Shaken not Stirred
by Dwayne Harris

"Shaken, not Stirred"

Surely you have heard the term, "Shaken, not stirred." The terminology has been widely used to refer to personal preference over how an alcoholic beverage is prepared. I do not condone alcoholic drinking and personally believe in full abstinence from anything that has the power to alter our mind or how we think under its influence.

That being said, I believe this term could also be used to describe the condition of a lot of Christians today. I believe many find themselves stirred in their service for God, yet lack a true life shaking experience and relationship with Him.

The term "Stirred" is used numerous times in the Bible to express the ability of man to be moved to a specific call or action based upon immediate stimulus or influence. The term does not describe the underlying convictions of a man, for no man has to be stirred to do something that he already holds fast too. The Bible uses this term in conjunction with those people who respond merely based on fleshly desires or peer pressure alone.

"Shaken" on the other hand is used in the Bible to describe the total breaking down of powers or people into complete submission to God. When things are truly shaken by God all that remains is what is pure and Holy. Prior to His return even the earth, stars, and heavens will be shaken. This is the true response to anyone or anything that comes into the presence of a Holy God.

1) God's Shaking Brings Power in Ministry

Ac 4:31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

The birth of the church is a great example of lives that were shaken and not stirred. After seeing the resurrection of Jesus Christ many of His followers were stirred with enthusiasm and living on a momentary high. However, if they were to change the world a momentary stirring would not suffice; they would have to be shaken to their very core. Shaken by the power of God; all that remained were lives completely submitted and ready to be His salt and Light in a world of sin and darkness.

Many movements within the church today have the ability to stir us. Wonderful music, programs, and functions that can entertain us and keep us busy until the cows come home, or Jesus Christ for that matter. In an age where church attendance is steadily declining we must avoid attempting to draw in crowds on merits other than the Gospel message. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." Maybe the problem with the decline of the present church is not so much the ineffectiveness of
God's ability to draw people in with His Spirit, but our ability to truly lift Him up as the sole focus of our gatherings.

Our goal is not to launch people into "New Seasons of Prosperity", or align them towards their destiny with "Favor." Our goal is simply to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Church growth built upon any foundation of hype, gimmicks, or stirrings will not remain intact against the pull of the next big thing.

2) God's Shaking Brings Freedom

Ac 16:26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose.

Many people attend church hoping that the moral support of others will enable them to find freedom from the bondages of sin that grip their lives. Their investment of time and membership will soon leave them frustrated and defeated as they realize that people and programs lack the ability to bring true freedom. Only those who are truly shaken by God's power can be set free.

3) God's Shaking produces Righteousness

Heb 12:27 The words "once more" indicate the removing of what can be shakenthat is, created thingsso that what cannot be shaken may remain.

The affects on anyone who encounters the presence of God is a dying of sin and all things impure. God is Holy, and no sin or unrighteousness can stand before Him. People who are just stirred may remain comfortable in sin, but those who are shaken will be empowered and set free. We must be careful as leaders to not inadvertently train up believers on how to put on the appearance of Righteousness, while failing to lead them into His presence where the actual transformation takes place.


When we as a church get back to prayer, and serving God not out of habit, but in response to His Holy nature, we will once again enjoy the refreshing outpouring of His Spirit upon us. We will revisit and experience the great moves of God upon the hearts of sinners who are compelled to repent and surrender their lives to Him. The greatest drawing and secret to a successful move of God is people who are humbled and seeking Him on the merit of who He is and not what they want Him to be.
Make no doubt about it, God is beginning to do a mighty work in the world even as we speak. He is rising up men and women, boys and girls who are truly seeking His
desire; a generation of believers who are not content with being stirred any longer and desire to be shaken by the mighty power of God.

I guess the question is, "What is your preference?" Would you rather be shaken by God, or merely stirred in the flesh?

Dwayne Harris is the founder of Fresh Outpouring Ministries. He is an emerging voice in the cause of evangelism and has been featured on Christian talk-radio, Christian television, and is a published devotional writer. For more info. visit

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