Watson's Jeopardy Trek
by Marlene Mesot

Watson's Jeopardy Trek

The phrase often used by the infamous Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame best describes the performance on the Jeopardy game show of it's two most celebrated winners against Watson, the IBM computer. The scientific community will definitely prosper from this experiment. It is interesting how close we are becoming to the computer technology of the famous outer space saga as noted in the IBM podcast prior to the broadcast. Yesterdays science fiction is rapidly becoming todays science fact.
Although it would be exciting to interact verbally with a computer, it must be remembered that the inanimate machine is merely processing information not cognitively interpreting it. It is a tool for man, not, as science fiction might suggest, a man made companion. I believe if we keep this perspective we will not commit the ultimate blasphemy of man trying to make himself in God's image. I think computers can be a great assistance to us. After all, God gave us the ability to think and create. Perspective is everything.
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