Sharing Our Blessings
by Lili Richey Willard

In Acts 20:35, God tells us that He wishes to pour out blessings on His people. We will be overwhelmed! And, if we were to take a count of the many blessings we, as believers, receive on a pretty regular basis, I think each of us would agree that He does what He says He will do.

My husband and I have recently become involved in the homeless ministry at our church. And in just a brief amount of time, I have realized my many blessings. I have family and friends who will always be there for me. I have a home, for which I now am even more thankful. I have a great job, so I have an income. I have electricity, telephones, water, etc. And...I have been taking them all for granted!

So, now I am evaluating my blessings. And I am thinking more and more often of what to do with them. I have decided that I will share what I can with those less fortunate. I will give my time and talents to those who have no home, and no hope. I will share what I know of God with those who do not know Him. For therein lies the blessing. Once we have God, once we know Him, blessings flow freely. No, they may not always be in the form of food on the table, or a roof over our heads, but nonetheless we will recognize them as true bounty from the table of our Lord.

Now, who do I share my blessings with? It would not always be with homeless persons. For there are those who walk in our circles, perhaps even attend our church, or live in our homes, who do not know what a blessing really is. So I pray, and I ask God to show me, who needs this particular blessing on this particular day? Don't you know, He ALWAYS shows me who to share it with! For He is the God of mercy, and truth, and love. And He will give me that discernment to know when and where and to whom I should bestow my blessing on. He will show you too!

Let's be 'His people'. Let's share our blessings willingly, but quietly, so as not to bring attention upon ourselves. If anyone should receive the added blessing of praise and glory, let it be God!


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