Be a Disciple of Jesus
by Louise Lee

If you were granted a day to live in Jesus day as his disciple, which day would you choose? Would you choose the day he calls you? Or the day he heals the sick? Or the day he raises Lazarus? Or the day he dies on the cross? Every day in a disciples life is an adventure. I cant help but to imagine sitting under the feet of Jesus and learning from him. What would it be like? I could imagine the atmosphere would be highly charged up with his passion, faith, wisdom and his sense of purpose. Together with the rest of the disciples, I would be ready to give up all to follow him.

Lately, I have the privilege to go back to school again. Being under the teachings of different lecturers, I am truly blessed by their lives and their ministries. I began to realize the more I learn, the more I dont know, and all the more I ought to continue learning. The day I stop learning, I stop growing. It is especially true for spiritual growth. In Matthew chapter 13, the seeds are planted in different types of soil. But only those seeds planted in a good soil yield good results. Good soil represents a humble heart that is ready to learn. The parable is teaching us that a ready heart that receives the Word of God brings success.

Disciple in Greek means pupil or learner. It actually refers to one who accepts the instructions or teachings given to him to rule his conduct. The twelve disciples were recognized as disciples of Christ because they have made Jesus teachings their bases of conduct. Before Jesus ascends to Heaven, he commands the disciples to make disciples. As according to this definition, in another words, Jesus commands his disciples to go and make learners out of the sinners and that their lives will be changed by what they learn. In order to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples by going, teaching and baptizing anyone, one ought to be firstly a disciple or a learner.

Have you stopped being a disciple? If you stop doing Bible studies, stop serving in any ministry, or stop being in one of the small groups, you have probably stopped being a disciple. If we are not a learner today, how can we answer the call of making learners? Make a decision today to be a disciple and be a true disciple maker!

Louise Lee
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