Fear Vs. Faith
by Deborah Ann Belka

Do you remember the first time you saw the movie, The Ten Commandments? I do. I was about ten years old when my parents took me to our local movie house. The images on the wide screen - in living Technicolor no less - made everything look so real and with the surround sound audio bouncing off the walls, well everything else became pretty scary. I remember hiding my eyes at times and thinking how I would always fear God.

Years later, when I watched the movie at home on my twenty-seven inches color TV, with mono sound, the images were no longer scary, but the message came across louder and clearer. Now through grown up eyes, I saw each plaque as a true miracle of God and the grand daddy of all miracles the parting of the Red Sea - made me sit up and look at my relationship with the Lord in a new and daunting way.

I saw how much like Pharaoh I could be. . .

How many times has God told me to do something and I refused to do so? Over the years, I know He has told me to let my fears go, let my pride go, let my doubt go. Yet, I still felt the panic rise within. I still was absorbed in my own self-importance, and I hung on to all my uncertainties with much fear and trepidation.

I wonder how many difficulties I have unnecessarily gone through because of my own disobedience and failure to hear and obey the commands of God.

I saw how much like the Children of Israel I was at times. . .

How many times have I wandered about in confusion, hemmed in by my own lack of faith? I wonder how many pillars of light God has sent me in my darkest hours and failed to see His grace beaming behind me while the radiance of His mercy went before me.

I wonder how often I kept my mind on the obstacles ahead of me and not on the possibilities of what God could do for me. How many times did I pray for the Lord to give me direction and when He did, instead of being thankful, I complained that it really wasn't where I wanted to be.

I saw the walls of the Red Sea as barriers not miracles . . .

Oh, I can count the times when Satan and his army chased after me and how fearful I would become. How I let him put up the barriers that kept me from experiencing God's miracles for my life.

I can't begin to count the times the Lord said to me, do not be afraid, standstill, and I will save and rescue you. But, I didn't believe He would or could. Instead of waiting for the Lord to get me out of a situation; I would take matters into my own hands and end up with the walls - those He put up for my protection - come crashing down on me.

Although, I have never been swept to sea, I have definitely been carried away from God blessings by the lack of my faith. I cannot help but to wonder - just how many more miles on solid ground I could have walked - if I only trusted God more with my every step!

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka
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