The Warrior Within~
by Shannon Heiden

"If you have raced with mere men on foot, and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble and fall on open and safe ground, how will you manage in the thickets of Jordan? Your brothers, your own family members have turned against you, they have raised complaints against you. Do not trust them, though they speak well of you."
(Jeremiah 12:5-6 NIV)

Beautiful One, have you ever raced with men who have worn you out? Not just any men, but confidants, spiritual siblings, co-workers, husbands, and wives, even children. Do you know what it is to share your life and open your heart just to have your kindness trampled underfoot?

Jeremiah understood this, and perhaps you the person reading this, understands the pain this passage speaks of. This was the Lord's answer to Jeremiahs suffering. Jeremiah cried unto the Lord why? Why has this happened, why have you sent me here with a purpose and a plan, and why have I been rejected and torn to pieces?

It always amazes me the way the Lord deals with His children. The Lord is tender, yet in our darkest hour, when tears streamline down our face, He speaks a word not to our pain, but to the warrior within.

The Lord told Jeremiah, if running with these men has caused you to lose heart and faint, and these are just men, mere specks on my overall plan, how in the world will you ever race against horses in all their strength? If this small thing in a safe land overcomes you, how will I ever be able to send you into the thickets of Jordan, into a land with giants?

A few years back, I walked through a painful situation. It involved spiritual family members. The magnitude of brokenness I experienced was inflamed by my personal involvement with each of these people.

There is no denying that God handpicked all of us to dwell together for a season. What do you do when the plan of God brings forth pain, suffering, and rejection? What do you do when you are hit below the belt by those closest to you?

The Lord has given us the answer. God didn't speak to the why's, He spoke to the warrior within that would ultimatly prevail. In this passage the Lord acknowledges the wrong done to us. God acknowledges that we have been lied about, and rejected. It's as if He lovingly, yet firmly reminds us, I saw it, I see it all, but if this will break you, if these men and their words and actions will destroy you then how can you ever go forward into what I need you to do? How can you ever face the giants in the Promised Land where you will have to fight, although it has been given to you?

Beautiful One, people will hurt you. You cannot escape this reality. But just because there is pain and injustice, doesn't mean the plans have changed. It only means that the pain will play it's part. If men are wearing you out, never underestimate the power of the warrior within! God wouldn't allow it to happen, unless He plans to use it to help you further down the road.

Beautiful One, just believe...

Shannon Heiden

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