What Is God Doing For You?
by Lili Richey Willard

There's a song done by that spectacular choir, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, called 'God is Working'. It's all about how God works all the time, even when we can't see Him.

And that is exactly how God works...silently, and seemingly behind the scenes. Like He is only in the background and not a main 'player'. Like the extras in a play or a movie. He goes about His business while we tend to, or don't tend to, our own. He takes care of all the tasks that needs taking care of , and he organizes, orchestrates, and coordinates all the things we take for granted...breathing, thinking, sleeping, waking, walking, eating, hearts beating. Yes, we take those things for granted most of the time, not even giving thought to the fact that if God had not set these things in motion, what a very different kind of life we may be living...or not!

While He is always working, He is always listening and watching as well! Yes, remember, God is omnipotent. He is the ultimate 'multi-tasker', so don't go claiming that title for yourself, it's His and His alone! He can sit there on His majestic throne, while cruising over and above the earth watching over us, and at the same time He will listen to, and respond to, our prayers and requests. And at the same time he is controlling the flow of the oceans and rivers, the majesty of the mountains and the clouds that surround them, the global warming and cooling processes, and even the provision for and the life cycles of the animals in the wild.

He does all this, and He heals the sick, the lame, and the blind. He grants mercy to those who have seen none, and He comforts those who have lost all. He provides our daily meals, our entertainment, and the people we need to be in our circle. He is the only one who reaches out to us and extends His grace, saving our souls and giving us the righteousness of Jesus Christ. He gave the greatest gift that could ever have been given, by sacrificing His only begotten son in exchange for our sin. He has given His all to us, who don't even deserve it.

So, if you think God isn't doing anything, or your patience is growing thin waiting on His timing, or if you think He has forgotten you, and your huge problem...think again. God has no time clock, no boss, no tasks that have to be performed for anybody else's schedule. He has His own schedule, and His own appointments, and He keeps His own calendar. It is for His glory, and it is for our benefit.

God is working...and He does it ALL THE TIME! Give Him praise and glory for keeping us as His focus, because we are the ones He loves! Think about it...what IS God doing for YOU?


(An Angelwing Devotional)

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