Little Wigglers
by Tracy Nunes

Little wigglers: microscopic starters, epic finishers.

The tiniest of deeds: the dropping of larvae, growing into a pesky nuisance, breeding in something as profound, yet as simple as water.

Water, life giving and flowing at its purest, fetid cesspool at its other extreme, but when lost in the middle, a deceptive colonizing ground for the carrier of disease. Standing still, not flowing. The appearance of life but the home of death: Malaria, Dengue.

The life cycle reaches its peak and the host spreads its wings and begins its dance of evil, spreading its poison with disregard to all. Young, old and sick fall prey to its quickly spreading wickedness. The sequence starts again as the sick are targeted by new spreaders who go on to carry their deadly cargo to a new blood host.

Lacking the flow that washes away dirt, debris and wiggling little invaders, sluggish waters become tragedy central for the release and acceptance of viral bits and pieces.

Little wigglers: microscopic starters, epic finishers.

The tiniest of deeds: sin, bred in tepid, stagnant waters of the heart. It grows without inhibition.

It grasps hold of the opportunity to multiply. It seizes the day and ruins it.

Left unchecked it burgeons beyond its boundaries in a quest for sin fertile blood so the multiplication process can begin again.

Standing water, appearing clean, cool and inviting, a promise of refreshment unfulfilled, instead becoming an incubator for sickness of the soul.

The little sin wigglers take hold and do their dastardly deeds.

Lacking the flow that washes away the dirt of pride, envy and lust it backflows and stagnates; a breeding pot for death instead of life.

The outbreak has begun.

Tracy grew up in Hawaii but now resides in Tennessee with Richard, her husband of 32 years.  They have two daughters and six grandchildren.  Writing came after homeschooling her girls and a career in real estate management. She doesn't claim to have all the answers but she knows the One who does.

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