Upon the Atlantic
by Richard L. Provencher

Lobster fishing is a combination
of salty air
seagulls and cormorants
waiting for snacks

hauling in traps
with family by your side
a great escape
a traditional beacon
if only insurance
and equipment didn't come
so pricey.

Used to be
simple in the old days.
Now Depth Sounders and
Plotters seek
ocean catches
then pull them in with

a Hydraulic Trap Hauler.
No longer needing
hardened muscles nor
weathered hands to
strain with pain
through natural methods.

Richard L. Provencher

Richard enjoys writing poems; many of which have been published in Print and Online. He and his wife, Esther are also co-authors of stories and a print novel. They are "born again" Christians and very busy in their church, Abundant Life Victory International, in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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