A Walk with Cindy
by Julie Moore

The morning sun begins to gleam over the hill. Its warmth embraces my face as my eye's squint from the bright rays of sunlight. I step off the porch onto the damp grass as Molly, the cottony white cat, pounces toward me then runs up the tall tree. Tiberius runs toward me in excited anticipation of another early morning walk then jumps around me as if he is a pup taking his first walk. We pause by the edge of the road until a red delivery truck passes leaving a pungent odor of hot motor oil lingering.

We pass over the black, tarred road onto a narrow dirt road. Gravel is nudged to the sides and center making two luring, walking paths, one for Tiberius and the other for me. A yellow finch looms in the stately maple tree above us. She sings a good morning song for all that awake early. I am then startled as a graceful doe cautiously leaps over the road into the tall reaching grass that leads to the forest. She has just taken a cool drink of water from the rippling creek before hiding for the day in the secluded tree lined pasture over the hill.

Tiberius jumps across the middle row of gravel and walks in front of me. He slows and turns till I catch up to him, then runs fast ahead of me, barking for me to follow. It is painful for me to run these days. My back is stiff and my legs feel heavy. He does not understand why I do not run along and still entices me every morning. The longing in my heart to pursue is almost unbearable.

The creek flows near the side of the road now; I can walk to the edge without any risk of falling. I slowly bend and taste the cool fresh water which causes my tongue to quiver as it flows into my throat. A green, lumpy toad quickly jumps away from me. My attention is then drawn to the echoing of the kitchen fan from the house followed by the scent of sausage floating in the breeze. We return to the road and stroll toward the house as my stomach growls with anticipation. As we walk back to the house, I silently thank God for his amazing blessings of nature.

The kitchen door opens as we return to the house and reach the yard. Julie emerges and lovingly smiles as I speed up to welcome her as we are each handed a link of sausage. A suitable reward for barking at the ground hog that entered the yard during the night. She excitedly says, "Ready for a walk Cindy; let's go girl." "Come on Tiberius." We obediently follow; again thanking God for His blessings.

Julie Ruspoli, 2005

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