Dog Kisses from Heaven
by jennifer reinert

I went to the lake today because it was a beautiful day. I did not know that God was going to bless me in the most surreal way. I grabbed my sunglasses, towel, suntan lotion, book and headed to my not so secret place at Lake Wazeecha. On Easter Day my sister and I said good bye to our best friend named Panama; out dog of 12 years. We took turns filling our hands with her ashes as the wind blew her into the lake and settled on the bottom making the lake glow with life and radiance. I went to that spot today and started reflecting on my memories of the beautiful brown eyes beauty with curly ears. It was as if her presence was there and haunting me with eloquent beauty. I remembered all the times we would swim together. She would lay her wet body on the sand and then roll back and forth. I remember how her ears floated on the surface of the water. As I lay on my towel reading my book, I started to feel heavy with sadness. My eyes filled with tears and I burried my head into my towel and poured out my tears. I listened to God's orchestra of music as the wind blew through the trees and the leaves rustled. The wind was so treacherous that the waves were rushing onto the shore. I could feel the water splashing onto my legs as it bounced off a log. There was a mist of freedom circulating around my body.

The bottom of my legs were covered with splashes of the cold lake. With my head burried and my tears flowing, I felt something on the bottom of my legs. It was a tongue coupled with a wet nose. I lifted my head and looked. To my amazement a dog appeared and was kissing my legs. Two women shortly appeared and questioned me if I was alright. I thought to myself, that is a weird question. I couldn't hold my tears in. Much to my amazement the women's dog is a therapy/counseling dog with a sixth sense for sensing hurting people. She told me the dog did not obey her and ran ahead of her and found me. The dog came to make sure I was okay. I started laughing like a child. I was simply amazed that right at the moment I was hurting for my dog, a dog appeared and gave me kisses. Today I was blessed with dog kisses from heaven and my heart will never be the same. God bless.

My name is Jennifer.  I am a new believer of Jesus Christ.  I am walking a new life with Jesus holding my hand and revealing to me how huge his love is for me.  I am a recovering alcoholic.  I have 8 months, one week, and four days of sobriety.  

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