Title: Fool for God (Pt 1)

What manner of fool is this?

Vs1: I'm not ashamed to be a fool so zealous
Let me lose my mind for what I believe
Call me nuts but let me have Jesus
Dwelling in His Presence I get relieved
They call me a fool, but I bless His Name

Chorus: I'm a fool for God
I'm not of the world
To have His heart won,
I've given up my all
I'm happy He's taken my mind
Glad He's eaten deep in me
If I have another choice
I'll still choose to be fool for Him
Living for Him in full makes me rejoice
They call me a fool but Heaven
smiles upon me

Vs2: When they expect me to cry, I smile
When they expect me to lay-sleep, I pray-still
When others are silent I'm His voice
When all forsake Him--He's my choice-my stay
They call me a fool, but I'm not ashamed!

Vs 3: When they expect me to fight, I'm meek
When they expect me to be weak, I'm keen
When they expect me to curse, I bless (of course)
When they expect murmur, I gladly hum His praise
They call me a fool; it's good all the same

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