Call Me Back Lord (Pt 3)

Vs9: When it seems hard to help the poor
And can't do what I'm reborn for
When it seems I'm holier than thou
And no more love the sinner to the bow
Call me back Lord!

Vs10:When it seems you won't come soon again
And my patience runs out against that day
When it seems you don't see me in secret
And I'm tempted to bring thee disgrace
Call me back Lord!

Vs11:When it seems you no more heal
And my sickness seems greater than thee
When it seems you've come to hate me
And I feel not allowed to come in
Call me back Lord!

Vs12:When it seems I'm infallible
And no more ponder my hearts and deeds
When it seems I've become so tall
And have come to despise the poor
Call me back Lord!

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