God's Peace
by Lili Richey Willard

I have been on vacation in the Lower Outer Banks of North Carolina with my four grandaughters and a dear friend and her two daughters this week. Today we return home, but right now, as I am the first one up, I am sitting on the deck, having my coffee, and enjoying the sights and sounds of this lovely island.

I feel complete peace. While there has been much hustle and bustle this week, there has also been the precious family/friend emotions and companionships, which you can never tag with a price. The are simply what they are...precious.

Our lives are so very busy! So we must take the time to smell those proverbial roses along the way...try some REAL roses, why don't you? I have seen and smelled beautiful wildflowers on this island this week and thus have been reminded that God and His endless wonders are everywhere, and in everything. From the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach, to the sting of the salty spray hitting my face during a fast boat ride on the bay, His presence has penetrated my very soul.

God is with us, as is His peace, no matter where we may be. I know I will still have it in my home, at my job, while stuck in traffic, while waiting in line somewhere. He is ever faithful, and has promised us that His peace is available to us always, no matter our circumstances, no matter our emotional state. It is the balm that will soothe us wherever and whenever we find ourselves in need of it's refreshing touch.

My choice is to take the time to enjoy that peace, to live my life with it, and to simply rest in it. That's why God gave it...that we may rest in it, and bask in the sunlight of His love...His peace.


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Please tune in...and blessings!

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