Do Atheists Fear The Cross?
by Robert Driskell

The issue of the cross at the September 11 Ground Zero museum has brought out the militant atheist crew. They are claiming that the mere idea of having a cross at the museum is making them depressed and physically ill.

It is amazing how many people who claim they do not believe in God spend so much time reading, writing, talking, and debating the subject of God. It seems like they give a lot of thought to someone they do not believe exists.

Do they spend as much time on all the things they deem useless? Most of us spend little time on things we view as having little value. We spend our time on things we consider worthwhile. Maybe deep down inside these atheists really know just how important God is.
If the theistic perspective really means so little to them, why do they expend so much energy debating and denying its veracity?

Surely, they are not afraid the government will forget the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, establish Christianity as the religion of America, and force them to comply with its doctrine. There must be some other reason for their zeal.

The Christian seeks to convince others because the Christian himself is convinced that to not do so would be to allow people to enter an eternity separated from God. The Bible shows this to be the ultimate in misery. God's love, flowing through the Christian, motivates the believer to share the good news of God's forgiveness.

There must be something especially irritating to atheists about God, Jesus, Christians, Christianity, religion, or all of these things that makes atheists so tenaciously work against them. What is it about these things that bring out the aggressiveness of these non-believers? Are they somehow threatened by them?

Why don't they throw themselves into the debate over other subjects? Why don't they think it is their duty to file lawsuits against everything they do not like? What if there was a letter of the alphabet they did not like? (A 'T" perhapsafter all, it resembles a cross.) Would it warrant a lawsuit? What about foods that they dislike? What about colors? Are there any certain colors that offend the atheist's sense of aesthetic beauty? This may sound foolish, but the point is that they have the right to litigate against anything they do not like. However, it is only religion against which they exercise this right.

What is it about religion that irks them so? Is it because the God's Holy Spirit is impressing the truth on their hearts all the time?
"And He [the Holy Spirit], when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment; concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me..." (John 16:8-9 NASB)

It is ridiculous to think that we will agree with everything that people say and do. At some time or another, someone will do something with which we disagree. Is suing them the answer? When something takes place that we do not like, should we hire a lawyer (or lawyers) and attempt to force them to act as we think they should? This appears to be how many atheists react to religion.

And atheists accuse Christians of trying to force our beliefs on them.

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