9-11 Prayer
by Deborah Ann Belka

Incline Your ear O Lord,
raise it to my lips
hear my prayer O Lord,
see how my heart skips.

Rise up to my calling,
quickly hear my prayer
ascend on me with favor
take from me this care.

Show Yourself to me,
do not hide Your face
fill me with Your peace
bathe me in Your grace.

Hear my prayer O Lord,
listen to my endless cries
feel the burden in my soul
see the tears in my eyes.

Incline Your ear O Lord,
this is all I know to pray
hear my prayer O Lord
for those who died today!


In memory of all who died on September 11 2001
and for all who still feel the burden and pain!

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka
[email protected]


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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