The Heart of Christ
by Deborah Ann Belka

Oh, to have the heart of Christ,
to love one and all
to forgive the one who stumbles
to lift up the ones who fall.

Oh, to have the mind of Christ,
to see one another's deepest need
to minister to the poor in spirit
to supply the hungry - with His seed.

Oh, to have the life of Christ,
to see all through and in His light
to heal each and every ailing soul
to give the blinded eye - eternal sight.

Oh, to have the thoughts of Christ,
to take the Good News across the land
to lead others to His coming Kingdom
to deliver once lost souls - into His hand.

Oh, to have the heart of Christ,
that is all I want beating inside me
to have His trust and His faith
then I too could walk - on the sea!

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka
[email protected]


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