Beyond My Weathered Window
by louis gander

Beyond my weathered window,
beyond my little view -
I see one from my rocker and,
I pray you see one too -
see one on each hillside,
see one on your way,
see one in each valley,
and see one every day.

The moon shines on the water,
the sea reflects the light.
Boats pass through this painting,
with sails of halo white.

A sea bird glides in silhouette,
above the sails masts,
above the ropes and bollards,
as breezes travel past.

Final work arrives at dusk
before reflections cease -
on piers I've known since childhood
on this, God's masterpiece.

But few have seen this sunset,
and fewer wonder why -
God's bright and vivid colors
still wash across the sky.

But people race His colors -
oblivious and blind -
as God continues painting
so generously kind.

Wide brush strokes still continue,
with colors bold and lush.
Though 'man' has stole the meanings,
God still holds the brush.

Beyond my weathered window,
beyond my little view -
I watch Him from my rocker and,
I pray you see Him too -
see Him in the sunsets,
see Him in your prayers,
see Him in the life you live,
and see Him everywhere.

Copyright 2020 by louis gander.
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