Real, Rich Fruitcake
by Helen Murray

"Mary Jean you're beautiful, I'm so entranced with you.
Your eyes like stars are twinkling and your lips are honey dew.
I love the way you walk and talk and dance, and glance at me.
I'd like to take you out tonight for all the world to see.

I'll romance you with sweet cuisine and flickering candle light.
We'll dine and dance by sunset seas and walk all through the night.
Then if perchance we fall in love we'll see what happens then.
If you love me, then come with me into my lion's den."

"Oh Mary Jean, who is this man who sets a trap for you?
He whispers what you want to hear to see what you will do.
Your hormones run, you love to be the apple of his eye,
But when he's done, what's left of you will cry, cry, cry.

Do you not know the lion's den is filled with romance past,
With broken hearts and lovers' tears 'cause romance doesn't last.
Have you not seen the misery of sweethearts loved and left
When someone else entrances that wild lion you're bereft.

He will not offer you a home secure from all the world,
A place to rear your children up, a father's flag unfurled.
He'll take your body, use you up and then when you're with child
You're left to your own devices. He's unruly, lawless, wild.

Oh Mary Jean, set out your plan for married family life.
You don't need all that misery and unabated strife.
Your dream of a Prince Charming comes with a contract for your care,
A home, respect, motherhood protected, without which you're laid bare.

Keep yourself pure as a beautiful gift for one who will love you,
Who'll cherish his bride with a constant heart, whose love is always new,
Who'll father his children with love and pride and a joyful, happy heart,
And care for you 'til the end of your days. This is your rightful part."

"Oh Billy Bob, you're handsome. There is simply no doubt of that.
What's more you are charming, fun, and life would not be flat.
Yes, I like you. That isn't hard. You're a pleasant and interesting man
With many friends and a place in the world. You look quite good in span.

But I'm looking deeper for what I need when I give my heart away,
For when I give, I give all of my heart, and I'll give it for ever on that day.
Handsome and interesting and fun are only the icing upon the cake.
I want the cake with the fruits of love. It takes years of commitment to bake.

The Prince I seek is quietly preparing a seed for a family tree
With long deep roots absorbing the water of life for himself and me
And the children we'll bear who want to grow in wholeness, secure in our love.
Thanks, but no thanks. I'll wait for the real prince appointed from Heaven above.

I trust the wisdom my Father in Heaven has given His children dear.
'Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers with no Godly fear.'
He admonishes any who seduce, with their games, unsuspecting victims of sex.
Sex is not love. Love is richer by far. I want true wealth. I reject the hex.

And thank you to the family of God who care that I live by the Word of the Lord,
Not getting caught up in a web of lies. The truth is I'm by Jesus adored,
And He can see, from his lofty state, the path that is best for me.
I'm satisfied I'm in very good hands. I'll wait for my prince. I'm free!

Grandmother, teacher, bushlover, horse-lover, gardener, poet ("Poetry with Punch" published by Tate Publishers and available in electronic form on Amazon) and passionate person, especially about Jesus.

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