by Melissa Martin

The enemy in my uterus will not die.
It ravishes my tissue and eats away at my sanity.

Like clockwork, it visits every month.
Snarling teeth chewing my womanhood.

Years of physical and emotional suffering,
Womb, why have you betrayed me?

Endometriosis robs sexual pleasure.
Roving tentacles invade my bladder.

Drugs and shots, temporary relief,
But the relentless thief returns.

The OBGYN says I must sacrifice my uterus
For permanent relief from the unwelcome beast.

I mourn the loss of my female organ,
Sacred sack that once housed my children.

My counselor suggests a letter of good-bye
To a valued portion of my feminine identity.

I weep and write and weep and write
As the surgeon cuts out my diseased flesh.

Physical and emotional wounds heal
When the invasive creature expires.

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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