How do I Change? Act, Alter, Arrange
by Melissa Martin

Making changes include the combination of thinking, feeling, and doing. The brain houses the mind and emotional system and is connected to the body via the spinal cord. The ingredients of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors mix together to produce a change management recipe.

Changing a behavior eventually requires action. Act, alter, and arrange are verbs and verbs imply an act of "doing." Plug in your problem situation and answer the following:

 What things are you doing before the problem situation occurs?
 What small clues will tell you that you are making progress toward changing an identified behavior?
 What will be different when the solution is working?
 What signs will show you that the problem is improving?
 What are you doing when the problem doesn't occur?
 What do you think your spouse/partner/friend would say about the first sign that things are getting better?
 What will others notice first when the problem is being solved?
 What will a small sign of progress look like?

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

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