One Scientific Variable
by Helen Murray

Jehovah planned it perfectly.
Every detail immaculate.
In total harmony.

Every law of nature
In miraculous balance
A physical rapture.

He added the herbarium
And slotted in the animals
For pure delight.

Then came the variable.
He made the man
To rule the whole,

To have the joy of every day
Unfolding freshly to create,
Within creation, a sweet way.

Man blew it! He self diagnosed amiss
And was the one ingredient
That grew the mould that was to dis-

Organise the glorious whole, remove the balance,
Disrupt the peace of perfection,
Rot the lot, ruin the cadence.

Creation mourned and groaned, tormented
By the rasping discord.
What to do with the blot?

Design a new variable
Stronger than the first,
The invariable variable!

The variable to beat all variables!
Born of the very Spirit of God,
Violated but inviolable.

More than that! Able to invest
All variables with the harmonies of Heaven.
To return lost peace, the mould divest.

Then each variable can choose his cadence
Ruined or re-harmonized,
To be expurgated
Or tuned in to creation's dance.

Grandmother, teacher, bushlover, horse-lover, gardener, poet ("Poetry with Punch" published by Tate Publishers and available in electronic form on Amazon) and passionate person, especially about Jesus.

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