Healing Wall, Vietnam Vets
by Melissa Martin

A piece of healing. The Vietnam Vet's Memorial Wall in Washington etched with the lives and deaths of human beings.

I watched a documentary on TV about the gifts left at this therapy wall and I cried as vets fell to their knees in emotional catharsis. A long overdue monument to our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, cousins, relatives, friends, classmates, neighbors. A shiny block of remembrance. A tribute to our sons and daughters in the military during this time of national turmoil.

The wall--an offering to our soldiers, both dead and alive; those in heaven and on earth. It is more than chiseled black stoneit is a gift to our unsung heroes. A place where thousands of voices speak through their engraved names. A living cemetery of sacrifice. Names imprinted on hearts as well as on granite.

The wall-a symbol of mourning, yet of hope as well to civilians. Words alone cannot capture the agony of families and friends who miss their loved ones. The wall-a therapeutic milieu of grieving. The wall-a restorative bridge where the past meets the present. The wall-a futuristic symbol of reconciliation. The wall-humanity's epitaph to Vietnam Veterans.

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

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