This Thanksgiving
by Deborah Ann Belka

My family and some friends,
celebrate our thanks on this day
and we offer up our praise
for the goodies on the way.

We fill ourselves with turkey,
and stuff ourselves with pie
and all around the table
you can hear satisfaction's sigh.

Then they get up from the table,
and turn the TV on
and like moths to a light bulb
they are all quickly drawn.

They tune in the big game,
and watch them - some football
then yell unpleasantries
when someone drops the ball.

For hours they cheer and yell,
and there is a lot of laughter too
when they play the beer ads
everyone laughs until their blue.

When the game is finally over,
and the last guest has moved on
I shut the door in silence
glad Thanksgiving Day is gone.

I step inside my house,
all around me there's a mess
and it makes me think and wonder
how could all this . . . God truly bless?

What happen to the good old days,
when family stayed around the table
and showed their thankfulness to Him
not to our TV's and their cable?

Well this year I going to unplug,
all the equipment and every toy
and this Thanksgiving in my house
all you'll hear is praise and joy!

Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka
[email protected]


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