by chuma obum

Even if it is just for curiosity's sake, I know you would really like to figure out why on one hand it is written that the love of money is the root of all evil, while on the other hand it is also written that money answers all things.

Well,the key reason why we are admonished to make money and not allow money make us is that the ability to create wealth and live either a happy or prosperous life has nothing to do with money, but everything to do with investing in ourselves until we have a complete understanding of our lives and the right frame of mind to become wealth creators.

Money on its own is a neutral resource and an unemotional substance that should never be desired as an end in itself, but instead should be desired as a means that helps you and i get to our ultimate destination. In other words, for us to fulfill our God-given visions or turn our dreams into a reality,we must be successful with money because a lot of meaningful contributions can be made to the World by doing so.

The problem however,is that the World has transformed money from being a legal tender and the most recognized means of exchange into being a status symbol and the most accepted representation of wealth.As a result of this ,the popular trend in this our modern times is for those with too much money to be glorified, while those who practically have none are more or less vilified. This worldly trend is not only responsible for making the rich richer and the poor poorer,but also for making those things which are meant to count seem irrelevant.

But as a people, as a nation and individually;we must not fail to realize that as much as "the love of money" can not bring us happiness, neither can "the lack of money". We ought to know that both "the love and the lack of money" are social and economic vices that can be likened to wild birds of the same feathers who co-exists with hidden intentions of outdoing one another.And since they deceptively compliment as well as compete with each other, they both possess similar powers that can easily overwhelm anyone who is weak in faith.

So in order to accentuate the fact that it is indeed our responsibility to honestly attain prosperity, we are to diligently fight against "the love and the lack of money with the same measure of godly wisdom.

Chuma Obum
Author of Healing Words for the Soul
[email protected]
Copyrigth 2011

Chuma Obum is a gifted wordsmith & a sage of simple truths who is renowned for his creative depth & solution-oriented personality. He is passionate about touching lives through inspirational words,written or spoken. Visit to find out more about his lifework.

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