by Melissa Martin

A woman is born with her eggs of reproduction. I was an egg in one of my mother's ovaries when she was yet in her mother's uterus. When I was born my daughter was but an egg in my ovary as well. My future granddaughter lolls in the mist of thousands of other eggs in my daughter's ovaries. So in a sense, from the first moment of Eve's creation, females have been nestled in the ovaries of their mothers, waiting for conception. It is mystifying to think that from my beginning of life my daughter was a physical part of me before I was even born. Though the ovaries, I am connected to all the other women who came before me and who will come after me in our generational tree. My sisters and I existed together in mother's ovaries before she was born and before we were delivered through her birth canal. During pregnancy my maternal grandmother carried my mother inside of her while I too was inside my mother's ovary. When my mother became pregnant with me, my daughter resided inside of my ovary as well. Females carry their unborn offspring in ovary dwellings from the womb to the tomb.

During a females' menstrual cycle, an egg leaves the ovary, glides down her fallopian tube, and embeds into the wall of the uterus. If not fertilized then the egg dies and eliminates via the blood flow. How does the mind and body decide which egg will be released? Do the eggs line up in formation and anxiously wait for their turn? Thousands of eggs--and I was one of the lucky kernelsand so were you. But there's more to the reproductive story. A male's spermatozoa are produced continually and only one of millions hit the lottery (egg) and the combination becomes a fetus-a baby-a human being. It is mind-boggling to realize the odds of the joining of one egg and one sperm and bingo, a unique individual is created. Amazing!

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

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