The Climbing Wall
by Melissa Martin

Gracie and I map out our trip together.
Being her tour guide, I make travel arrangements
and pack a compass, climbing gear, and support.
Gracie is no longer content with a pie-in-the-sky existence.
She feels a disconnection between mind, body, and soul.
The journey is fraught with detours, bumpy roads, and unknown terrain.
Gracie stumbles over particles of truth as she searches for meaning.
She unveils allusions and distortions as she seeks the etiology of creation.
Gracie clambers sideways and slips backwards as I steady the rope of hope.
"You're making progress!" I shout and it echoes in the office canyon.
Gracie struggles as she pulls herself up to a higher place of metacognition.
She meets the paradox of living as she learns her solution is within.
Insight soars as she releases fear, anger and ascends to inner joyfulness.
As we climb the mountain of spirituality together she learns to trust.
She finds a place of fresh awareness and attunement follows.
Finally we reach her destination;
Gracie arrives at a perennial relationship with God and herself.

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

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